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“Best Ever” CSAT

Client Needs

One of the country leading TELCO carrier came to us with high aspirations of improving their customer satisfaction in the areas of product, information sharing, data services, to garner new customers, hold on to current ones and ensure revenue growth. In addition, they had stringent customer satisfaction requirements since they know it measures the kind of loyalty that impacts revenue.

What We Did

Digicon used advanced analytics to drive “”best ever”” customer satisfaction scores and helped redefine new hire and agent training so that every agent knows what an “”amazing customer experience”” looks like.
Digicon employed a client-focused study to determine what positively influences customer satisfaction, assessed top-performing CSAT agents across the organization and launched a data mining program that uses call analytics to produce a brand performance scorecard for agent interactions.
We were able to identify, and influence customer satisfaction, call abandonment, upsell/cross-sell, CSAT and ultimately customer experience trends. By using analytics and business intelligence to identify spend patterns, agents are able to ask the right probing questions, enabling them to present the right offer at the right time.

Client Outcomes

Increased CSAT Scores from 67% to 84% and Digicon is now the highest performing vendor in this area
Helped grow the client’s First Call Resolution (FCR) rate from 58.4% to 86.3%
Achieved an optimum compliance rate of 99.8%
With DigiCX handling.
Grew the business through positive word of mouth.

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