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Solution & Capabilities

Digicon Technologies Ltd, the leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Company in Bangladesh, proudly presents unparalleled experience and expertise in Customer Service through Contact Center, Telesales, HR Outsourcing, Payroll Processing, variety of back office and technology Support Services.


Digicon has established itself as a leading IT and ITES/BPO firm in Bangladesh and has been recognized as such. Our contribution to BPO industry was recognized at the Digital World 2015, Dhaka for Outstanding Performance in BPO Industry and was given ‘Asia’s Best Employer Brand Award 2017’ at the 12th Employer Branding Awards in Singapore.


We offer a number of cutting edge services that are guaranteed to give our clients the edge they are looking for in their BPO and IT/ITES partners.


For the constant market growth, the BPO industry is becoming exceedingly relevant. Businesses are seldom alone in the industry which they are affiliated with – competition is fierce. We consider gaining customer loyalty and providing excellent services as our competitive advantage.


We do not only provide services to our customers, We create Loyalty. Charming a potential customer into making a purchase is only the start of the customer relationship. Every phone call afterwards is what refines the relationship to produce customer loyalty. We believe that we can provide you with the best customer service representatives who can channel your company values regarding brand quality and superb customer experience.


Customer care services are crucial, and we at Digicon Technologies Ltd well aware of that by understanding your business, not just your technology. We can add value to your business. Through years of experience, we have gained skills and have acquired knowledge that makes us experts in the industry.


Digicon Technologies Ltd is the BPO partner of your choice for those who expect excellent service, 24/7 support, reliability and professionalism. Through our customer care services, we make sure that the customer retentions aspect of your business will soar with high percentage ratios.


Each of our 1,800 customer care call center representatives welcome the challenge to help and impress your customers, aptly leaving a positive experience about your company. Our meticulous attention to detail is what makes us excellent. Coupled with our unending pursuit of being in front of the field, we guarantee excellent service that is highly efficient and well worth.

Call Center

We serve a diverse number of industries, including but not limited to the Telecom, Financial and Hospitality industries. In addition to industry-specific services, we provide a wide range of services in areas such as accounting, recruitment, software services, web support and back office operations.
Our complete range of services is:

  • Customer Help Desk
  • Remote and On-Site Support
  • Live Chat and Email Support
  • Customer Relationship Management and Survey
  • Outbound Support
  • Back Office Support


We offer variety of training courses to corporate workforces. Digicon is working in building a knowledge based workforce in Bangladesh. We are the pioneer workforce developer of Contact Center, Back Office and other knowledge based domain of BPO industry. We envision Bangladesh to be a largest supplier of skilled resources to the outer world.


Digicon is one of the latest entrant in the Bangladesh’s IT, Soft Skill & Vocational training industry with world-class facilities, specialist faculty, widest range of courses covering entire IT & Vocational learning space and technologies.


Digicon brings to Bangladesh unique Integrated Learning Approach that blends classroom instructions with practical to deliver customized training solutions for the Corporates. Our Integrated Learning approach is based on the idea that the line between Classroom learning and practical is transparent. The Integrated Learning solutions allow the learner to choose the most convenient learning method without compromising on content parity.

Finance & Accounting

Digicon Technologies offers the latest form of billing and payment management system. With its innovative group of financial experts and an updated understanding of modern accounting principles, we offer the very best in account management services.


We offer the following:

  • Clouding Account System
  • Receivables and Payables Management
  • Data Management

Medical Billing & Coding

We can provide quality medical billing and medical coding services to Physician Practices, Hospitals, and Medical Billing companies.


The financial strength of medical practice is directly related to timely billing and account reimbursement. Errors such as underpricing, under coding and missed charges create great loss in the medical practice income. At Digicon we can accurately process your claims which help to maximize your revenue and improve the cash flow.


Digicon offers highly personalized medical billing services to meet almost all the needs of a client. We ensure accuracy for the submission of all client’s charges. We can collect all the essential details like patient demographic details, date of service, CPT and ICD codes etc. because any error or omission of details can result in delays or denials. Our Quality Check ensures the accuracy of the claims processed.

Outbound Support

Our outbound call center service is dedicated to outbound telemarketing. This enables us to attract and hire only the cream of the crop of telemarketing professionals. Our outbound call center attracts career telemarketers. Our skilled and highly professional telemarketers sets Digicon Call Center apart from other outbound telemarketing companies. We are capable to coordinate even the largest outbound projects. Our vast experience in outbound services allows us to setup and conduct outbound call center projects than other companies, thus reducing our overall costs and in turn yours. For cost effective and professional solutions, feel confident turning to Digicon.

Back Office Support

Digicon believes in a holistic approach towards customer experience management. We transcend the transaction-based approach to proactively carry out back office operations. This enables our organization seamlessly deliver services to our customers.


Our services include:

  • Account receivables
  • Software development
  • IVR services
  • Infrastructure management
  • Document management
  • Data mining
  • Database builds
  • Data harvesting
  • Direct mail campaign alerts
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation (Remuneration) Management


Digicon USA is offering PlatePositive, a comprehensive set of license plate-based identification services, in Toll Industry. PlatePositive is Image Assurance Services. Invoice your customers with confidence.


Digicon USA’s independent image reassurance service will review the images your service provider has already processed and will isolate the results that differ from theirs, allowing them to reconcile the variance, resulting in the correct identification of these otherwise errant vehicles.


Digicon’s image reassurance ensures that your service provider has the images right prior to implementing the print and mail process.


Toll Authorities: Your service provider likely has an error rate of at least 2%. If you process 1,000,000 toll transactions per day, you may have as many as 7,300,000 transactions that are either unbillable or are invoiced to incorrect customers.


Digicon USA can perform Platepositive with your software or ours from within the US or from abroad.

IT Services

Including the traditional IT services, our skilled IT team is able to provide which ensure significant effect on IT/ITES systems designed to serve individual departmental requirements. We help to reduce the stress of IT in three different levels. The first level stresses the need for an appropriate strategy portfolio that will be formulated based on the principles of the business process concept. The second level highlights a portfolio of IT/ITES features that Business Process-Oriented organizations should seek. Finally, the third level proposes some technologies and applications that can assist the realization of the IT/ITES features of the second level.


Our services include:

  • Call Center Infrastructure
  • Cloud CRM Solution
  • IT Help Desk
  • Enterprise Energy Management
  • Customize software and Apps development
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