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Partnering with Digicon gives you instant access to experienced, industry experts who develop solution sets to support your goals and drive immediate impact. Our forward-looking solutions are designed to evolve with your industry, ensuring your business is always well positioned for future growth.

Govt. & Public Services

We serve Telecom, Financial and Hospitality industry. In addition to industry-specific services, we provide a wide range of services across multiple industries in areas such as accounting, recruitment, software services, web support and back office operations.


The telecommunications industry is challenging conventional wisdom as it struggles in the face of significantly reduced growth, excess capacity, a dizzying array of new technology, and dismal financial projections. If that isn’t difficult enough, these same organizations are further challenged to elevate quality, improve customer service, and create new, improved services.

Emerging Industries

The healthcare industry manages sensitive financial, emotional and privacy issues between providers, employers and individuals. As the sector evolves, there is a greater demand for higher standards and better quality of healthcare call center service.

Banking & Fin. Services

Our specially trained, expert Brand Specialists can help boost customer satisfaction and retention. We also offer communications infrastructure technologies to increase efficiency.

Consumer Product Ind.

The retail and consumer packaged goods industry, one of the largest worldwide, is thriving with growing economies and the resultant increase in purchase power, rapid strides in e-commerce and a larger supplier base.

Consumer Electric Ind.

Retail and consumer product companies operate in environments that are highly dynamic, with new challenges and opportunities emerging constantly.


In the highly competitive automotive industry, features like product quality and reliability no longer serve to differentiate brands.

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