We deliver a competitive edge with our experts in Telco Industry.

Our focus on product knowledge and quality service adds significant value to your brand. It helps increase revenues and profits and boosts the lifetime value (LTV) of customers. After all, you’ve created a brand with a good reputation and built an image of a caring, customer-focused business — now you’re looking for an outsourced contact center that can deliver the kind of experience with your brand that your customers expect. That’s our core competency.

In the telecommunications industry, customer satisfaction is affected by service levels, service rates, bonus features, and customer service, among other factors. Whether your audience is B2B or B2C, outsourcing to Digicon will enable you to streamline the customer experience with regard to data processing, customer service, and other related aspects. Our responsive and high-quality services will help you to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Outsourcing benefits for Telecommunication services companies

Security & Compliance

In order to retain a competitive edge in the dynamic telecommunications industry, organizations need to focus on catering to the growing demand for connectivity, tackling security issues, and innovating new offerings for the latest devices and technology paradigms. Outsourcing to Digicon Technologies, an expert IT-BPO service provider, enables telecom companies to ensure that certain key processes are delivering efficiencies, and allows them to concentrate on building their core capability. We will provide you with an assurance of high-quality output and data security. Going beyond providing short-term solutions, we will support you on your growth journey for the long term.

Capability & Performance

With so many outsourced call centers to choose from and each with different strengths, experts agree that the trick is to find the best match and the way to do that is through a proven, structured selection process.

Technology & Innovation

We invite you to call us anytime to discuss any aspect of our company. Better yet, we invite you to come to visit us in person — at any stage in your selection process. You can meet our owners and Brand Specialists. You’ll experience the enthusiasm, identification with our client’s brands, and commitment to service that sets us apart from other outsourced contact centers.

Our outsourcing solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Inbound call receives.
  • Complain management (CMT)
  • Non-voice Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital query management
  • Reply Email Query
  • Reply Message Query
  • Reply Comment Query
  • Reply Webchat Query

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