Digicon has a highly skilled and expert team of tech geniuses who can plan, design, implement and execute any sort of IT/ITES programs. We are proud to serve the most prominent and influential organization of the government. Also software development services are focused on simplifying product architecture components and to reduce wastage of resources. Digicon is involved in all the application and frameworks required to release a software. Apart from this, we are also developing out outsourcing team to generate notable revenue from offshore works in IT sector.

Web & UI Development

Digicon undertakes the development of custom web pages, & unique user interface (UI) development across a wide range of technologies and platforms, including Ruby on Rails, HTML5/JavaScript, ASP.net, and so on.

Mobile App Development

We are involved in the development of highly-customized and requirement-specific mobile applications. It involves custom mobile app development across all three major mobile platforms; iOS, Android, and Windows.

SQL BI Solutions

We aim our customers to overcome the numerous challenges faced in the design and implementation of advanced SQL BI solutions, including their subsequent integration you’re your existing systems and tools.

Enterprise Applications

Digicon Technologies PLC develops highly-customized enterprise applications for a variety of uses, built using an array of technologies including C#, C++ and Java. These industry-tailored applications can be used in all verticals.


In the race to deliver the best CX, more and more firms are now turning to automated chatbots for customer service across all channels. Chatbots are predicted to drive up to 85% of all customer service interactions in 2020. Provide optimal customer experience as you boost customer engagement with self-service capabilities.

Speech Analytics

We improve customer interactions, leverage trends and optimize business processes. Our speech analytics solution gives you the power to turn intelligent insights from call trends, keywords, phrases, tone and sentiment into more effective, data-driven operations. Furthermore, minimize compliance risks by having robots listening out for regulatory scripts.

Voice Biometrics

What if you had the technology to improve security using a person’s voice? With our voice biometrics solution, you can provide customers with a secure and convenient self-service option, based solely on their unique voiceprint. Equip your business with industry regulation- and standards- compliant voice recognition technology.

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