We help retailers deliver superior & seamless customer experiences.

At Digicon, we provide flexible and scalable retail customer support for all sectors of the consumer goods mix—including food & beverage, cosmetics, electronics, clothing, and household goods. We blend technology with the human touch to help retailers drive brand loyalty and sales, streamline operational efficiencies and create remarkable customer experiences. Our specialist automation and intelligence teams can help innovate retail back office solutions by digitizing low-priority tasks and providing retailers with the right data to enable in-store associates to engage with customers in a more successful way.

Outsourcing benefits for retail and consumer goods

Capability & Performance

Eighty percent of people will stop shopping with a retailer if they experience poor customer service. As a preferred retail BPO partner, Digicon’s call center services for retailers are handled by professional resources to ensure all customer inquiries are handled with the utmost care. Our high-performing outsourced teams use the latest contact center software.

Security & Compliance

Retailers need to stay agile in order to maintain sustainable business growth. Employing an in-house team can be expensive and slow down business response to shifts in market demands and sales seasons. We have 10-years’ experience providing rapidly scalable BPO solutions for retail companies and other consumer goods providers, eliminating the risks associated with direct employment. Our flexible outsourcing engagement models range from traditional, fully-managed operations from our state-of-the-art global workspaces or via a virtual, Work from Home (WFH) set-up.

Technology & Innovation

Large amounts of customer information are exchanged during in-store and online transactions, so it’s more important than ever to fortify your retail customer support with strict protocols. At Digicon, we take information security seriously.

Our outsourcing solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Claims Processing
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Entry
  • Direct Bill Entry
  • Document Delivery
  • Indexing
  • Invoice Processing

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